On Ice Cream

Looking for that nutty taste without the nuts? Or simply to add a hint of chocolate to your favorite ice cream? Fold in some Mapleini for a great new flavor.


What’s a spread without being able to be placed atop of your warm fresh bread? Creamy delicious Mapleini is a great new spread for this. Perfect for nut free school snacks.

Apple Slices with our chocolate spread

Sliced Apples

This classic has new life with this delicious flavor of maple and date sweetened tahini. It adds some healthy fat in to your snack, keeping you satisfied until the next meal.

Fruit cake with a frosting made from our chocolate spread

Bar/Cake Frosting

Atop your favorite bar recipe or cake

Recipe: A jar of Mapleini plus 2 bananas, blend in a food processor until smooth, use as frosting and then chill for an hour in the fridge.